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Theo Zantman was born in 1953 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Already at the early age of 3 years he started to draw and scetch. Wherever he went in those early years, wallpaper was never safe from him. When he was in elementary school he took every chance he got to draw, and at that stage he already succeeded to earn some money by making portraits. After he finished school, Zantman actually wanted to move to 'Place du Têtre' in Paris, but instead his life took a different course. He started to work as a make-up artist at the theatre "Nieuw Rotterdams Toneel", and later at the "Toneelgroep Theater Arnhem". As a make-up artist Zantman worked very hard and gained a lot of success, not in the least because of an own, unique style he managed to develop to realize a metamorphosis with the actors involved.

After a career of twelve years as a make-up artist for theatre, tv and film, Zantman decided to move from Holland to Tunesia (Northern Africa) because he missed the canvas, the paint, and above all the inspiring energy of creating. There he lived and worked in a small village, making portraits of Berber women. .

After four years in Tunesia, Zantman eventually returned to Holland where he joined "After Nature", a group of about 20 Dutch artists who shared the same motto, namely that professional artist-painters should work hard and be able to paint anything. During this period Zantman's paintings could be admired regularly at exhibitions throughout Holland; also during this period he was interviewed regularly by leading art magazines and television programs.

- A part of my house. Actually it is the kitchen and you are always welcome to visit me -

As from 1987 Zantman started to visit Indonesia, and especially the island of Bali appeared to put a spell on him. The intensity and the beauty of the colours of Bali's nature inspired him a lot, and it stil does. In the year 2001 he felt the urge to start painting on location, to practise the 'plein-air' method which had made the Dutch master painter Vincent van Gogh world famous. In the mean time Zantman has spent a lot of his time in the kampongs of Northern Bali, working at his "Daily Village Life" series. And typically, the older he grows the more expressive the character of his paintings become.

Zantman's art works are greatly influenced by Vincent van Gogh. When asked, Zantman admitted to feel a strong connection with the late impressionist master painter, Van Gogh, and the series of Kampong paintings Zantman has made in Singaraja were painted in the same manner, though with his own typical style, as those that characterize the art works of the old Dutch master: both are based on the 'plein-air' method.

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